Toplīfikatsia - Pernik EAD is a public company controlled by the Ministry of Power Engineering and  Power Resources (ZEER)

Moshino Quarter
076/648211 - tel. exchange
076/648317 - executive manager
076/648265 - dispatchers 
076/601990 - household centralized heating system 
fax 076/670683

Subject of activities

  • Electrical and thermal energy production 
  • Production, transfer, distribution and sales of thermal energy for households and industrial establishments; heating medium - steam and hot water. 
  • Engineering 
  • Maintenance and repair of power and heating system installations 
  • Investment and trade activities


Republika TPP is a  thermal power plant providing thermal and electric power for households and industrial sector of Pernik. Its construction started in 1949. It was put into commission on 17.12.1951 with steam generator ¹2 and turbine generator unite ¹2 and four months later  - steam generator ¹1 and turbine generator unite ¹1.
The first reconstruction was during the period 1956-1958. Turbine generator unite ¹3 was put into commission in January, 1958 and turbine generator unite ¹4 - in June, 1958. 
The second reconstruction was carried out during the period 1964-1966 and in March, 1965 steam generator  ¹5 with turbine generator unite ¹5 was put into commission.
In 1980 the first boiler unit was was put into commission and in 1990 - the second boiler unit. 
Turbine generator unites ¹1 and ¹2 were disassembled in 1993 and turbine generator unite ¹3 was replaced by a  counterpressure turbine(1.2 atm). The heater surfaces of the standby steam generator were disassembled in the same year and were replaced by another type of boiler . 

Electrical diagram of the TPP

The voltage of the switch boards at Republika TPP is as follows:  0.4, 6.3, 20 and 110 kV - double barbus system;  6.3 kV is segmented, too. 
The generators ¹3 and ¹4 are connected to barbuses of  6.3 kV and generator ¹5 - to barbuses of 110 kV via a transformer of three coils  60 MVA 10.5/20/110 kV.
The own necessity of  6 kV are fed by the covered distributing switchboard which consists of  7 unites.

Limit heat prices carried by hot water as a heatcarrier to the consumers

On the grounds of article 23(3) of ZEER,  article 9 of Decree on formation and applying of the prices and rates of the heat power and Decision ¹Ö-002 dated 29.03.2002 of DKER - Sofia, Toplofikatsia - Pernik  EAD declares the limit prices of the heat power - with hot water heat carrier  for the users as follows:
For households according to PMS (Government Decree) ¹141/5.07.2002
    Price of the energy - 37.45 BGL/MWhth 
    Price of the power - 0.05 BGL/m3
For companies
    Price of the energy - 31.367 BGL/MWhth 
    Price of the negotiated power - 2500 BGL/MWht
    Price of the power - 0.108 BGL/m3
VAT is included.


Quality index Typical (rate) Rejection limit 
Lower burning heat 2100 Kcal/kg under 1695 Kcal/kg
Total humidity 15% over 19%
Ash and dry matter 58% (maximum) over 62.5%
Sulfur  - combustible substance  1.2% (maximum)
Volatile substance  40% (maximum)
Dimension 0-30 mm
Rate of grinding   0.9-1.1

Development prospects

According to the Master plan for rehabilitation by EKONO ENERGY rehabilitation of the heat transfer system and stations will be done and a new boiler will be constructed to make the best use of the ashy solid fuel available at the coal basin of Pernik. 


  • According to the changes of the Law of the Power Engineering the functions of the public agency are to be taken by the Ministry of Power Engineering and Power Resources.
  • The Parliament passed the Prime Minister's suggestion the manager of DAEER to stand at the head of the new Ministry.